Brexit and Covid-19….A ‘Perfect Storm’​ for Skills Shortage

Even though Brexit happened on 31 January 2020, both sides are still trying to work out the rules for their new relationship. Until these terms are finalised and the new rules agreed upon, uncertainty will continue.

If Brexit was not enough for the UK economy to deal with, in March the country was hit by Covid-19. Before this, which seems like an age ago now, the UK rate of unemployment was at a historic low. However, since the pandemic began the UK jobs market has changed substantially and shifted from candidate-driven to employer-driven.

Employers still need to be strategic about filling their roles and selecting the best talent.

There is no doubt that the coronavirus epidemic will see a rising tide of unemployment as the economy sinks into recession. However, even with this shift, skills shortages in highly unique, technical or hard-to-find skill-sets, mean the recruitment market, in these areas, continues to be candidate-driven. Professionals with in-demand skills that will help businesses get through this tough market will still maintain strong career prospects. These candidates are also exercising more caution than before when considering a career move in today’s climate, which compounds recruiting challenges.

Moving forward and thriving

In conclusion, businesses must continue to find better talent solutions, especially for unique, technical or hard-to-fill roles, in order for them to be able to move forward and thrive after Brexit has finally concluded and the post-Covid’ new norm’ is known.