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The average person has over twelve different jobs in their lifetime and we rarely start our career on the exact path that we want to stay on for life.

A career change could mean anything from starting a new job at a different company to setting up your own business.

There are many important elements to shifting your career, from developing your brand to widening and deepening your network. Career coaching provides structure and guidance to plan and execute a career change into a role you want, even if you don’t know what that ideal job looks like just yet.

TAG can assist candidates in several ways:


Does your CV need a revamp? Would you value some expert advice to help your CV stand out?

Getting your CV right is vital to creating the right impression with a prospective employer and can make a big difference between securing an interview and being consigned to the rejection pile.

A high proportion of applicants don’t pass the initial application stage and one of the key reasons for this is a poorly presented CV. This doesn’t just mean poor formatting, it’s about how you present your skills in a way which shows the employer why you are the right person for this job.

If you’re making a change into a new role or industry, it’s also important to learn how to adapt your CV, as the employer may not see the relevance of your experience.


We all want to perform at our best in an interview, but it can feel like an elusive art.

Trying to predict what questions you will be asked. Describing your experience and skills so they match what the recruiter is looking for and appear relevant. Giving the right examples to show the recruiter that you are the right candidate. Feeling confident, relaxed and managing any nerves you might be feeling.

Your interview preparation is key in performing well. It makes the difference between a confident, clear communicator, and someone who doesn’t look like they understand the role or why they are the right person for that organisation.


Thinking about making a career change? Find out how to get started, right here. I’ll share advice on working out what you really want, how to explore your options and make it happen.

If you’re tired of going round in circles and feeling stuck, I know exactly how you feel and have been there myself! Let me help you start your career change in the right way.


Do you want to have a greater impact at work? Do you need to find new ways to lead and inspire your team, or deal with change? Are you tired of fire-fighting and want to focus on more important strategic challenges?

Being a leader is difficult. It can be lonely, and creating the space to consider new ideas, solutions and ways of working is challenging. After all, you’re the leader; shouldn’t you have all the answers?

Executive coaching creates thinking space for you to consider your current challenges, and find the right way forward.


Get clear on your career motivators, values, skills and strengths

Develop a strong personal brand demonstrated through your CV and LinkedIn profile

Learn how to network authentically and deepen your professional relationships

Succeed at recruitment exercises such as interviews and assessment centres

Build confidence and assertiveness at work

Plan and execute a career change


We look forward to speaking with you and guarantee confidentiality in discussing your particular requirements.