Executive & Direct Search

Our philosophy of working with just a small number of clients, within each sector, means our executive headhunting team can offer a truly bespoke, consultative service

The value of headhunting lies in the investigation and the fact that potential candidates, usually employed elsewhere, are very precisely targeted; something traditional recruitment cannot achieve.

The most common headhunting targets are senior managers and executives, however, our range of targets has been expanding, as clients use headhunting services to fill less senior but specific highly skilled roles.

This research and feedback from potential candidates also generate, real-time information on remuneration and how the client’s brand or company is perceived by these potential candidates.

We have the track record of identifying and engaging the best talent, as well as the capability to establish client credibility and obtain buy-in to our process across all levels

The talent is out there – but you need to know where to look!

Our typical approach to finding candidates for a specific role involves the following stages:


We familiarise ourselves fully with all aspects of the role, the company and the candidate specification.

Target List

Typically, we compile a list of target companies and organisations most likely to yield appropriate candidates.

Name Identification

We then research, in detail, relevant companies and identify those candidates (through a combination of online and telephone intelligence gathering) who appear to have the skillset and experience required for the role.

Potential Candidate Approaches

We discreetly contact potential candidates and introduce the role; exploring the individual’s “fit” for the role and their level of interest.

Our Deliverables

A comprehensive ID report and a long shortlist of interested, qualified candidates, with a candidate report and CV for each.

In Summary

We provide a targeted, thorough, time-effective and cost-effective approach to Executive level headhunting.

What you can expect working with TAG

  • ​A partner with a deep and detailed understanding of your business requirements
  • Loyalty and integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency; with agreed milestones and timelines
  • Tenacity and determination
  • Flexibility and innovation
  • A bespoke service, for all searches and appointments, based on a proven, rigorous process to deliver the perfect fit.


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