Having the right people can transform an organisation and help secure its future.

The Appointed Group take a different approach to most agencies.  For any business-critical position we know that a proactive search across the industry will yield better results than just advertising, job boards and CV databases.

Most suitable candidates already have a role, so we have to uncover them. We target the ‘passive’ market – people who are not actively looking for jobs but, when presented with an enticing opportunity, may be convinced to move. This is around 65% of the workforce.

Talent is all around – but you need to know where to look and understand how to look.

Some of our recent assignments include:

Executive Search

Head of Sales – Aquaculture
Managing Director – Food & Drink
Chief Financial Officer – Food & Drink
Production Director (International search) – Aquaculture
Production Director – Food & Drink
Finance Director – Food & Drink
Interim Finance Director – Food & Drink
Commercial Director – Food & Drink
Director of Marketing & Communication – Agribusiness
Head of Marketing – Aquaculture
Head of Market Development – Agribusiness
Head of Health & Safety – Aquaculture
Head of Category Sales –Food & Drink
Head of Technical – Food & Drink
Senior Freshwater Project Manager – Aquaculture
Senior HR Business Partner – Food & Drink
Senior Projects Manager (IT Infrastructure) – Aquaculture
Area Farm Managers x 7 – (New Management Structure) – Aquaculture

Graduate to Mid-Level

Product Development Manager – Food & Drink
Product Developer – Food & Drink
National Sales Manager – Food & Drink
Procurement & Accounts Manager – Food & Drink
NPD Manager – Food & Drink
Bakery Manager – Food & Drink
Process Development Manager – Aquaculture
Biological Stakeholder Manager – Aquaculture
Oceanographer/Modeler – Aquaculture
Communications Manager – Agribusiness
New Product Developer x 2 – Food & Drink
Site Manager – Aquaculture
Technical Manager – Food & Drink
Interim Technical Manager – Food & Drink
General Manager – Food & Drink
Marketing Manager – Agribusiness
NPD Technician – Food & Drink

Further Information

Please let us know if you would like further information, client/candidate references or case studies on any of the above assignments.

What you can expect working with The Appointed Group.

  • ​A partner with a deep and detailed understanding of your business requirements
  • Loyalty and integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency; with agreed milestones and timelines
  • Tenacity and determination
  • Flexibility and innovation
  • A bespoke service, for all searches and appointments, based on a proven, rigorous process to deliver the perfect fit


We look forward to speaking with you and guarantee confidentiality in discussing your particular requirements.