New Beginnings

Whether you knew it might be coming, or the news came as a complete shock, being made redundant can feel like you have had the rug pulled out from under you.  You are probably going through a barrage of emotions: shock, denial, anger, worry, uncertainty, anxiety and even fear.

Remember, do not take it personally; your employer has not made you redundant – it can only declare your job redundant when there is no longer sufficient need for the work you do.

First, it is important to take time to acknowledge how you feel before you move on. It is easy to slip into negative thought patterns after losing your job, particularly if it is a position you have held for some time. We tend to wrap up our identity in our job and spend so much of our life working that losing our job can feel like a bereavement. This grief can easily lead you to self-blame and anger. It is common to feel that you will not find another job or that you are somehow worthless.

Typical feelings on the experience of being made redundant:

However, ask yourself, could your redundancy actually be an opportunity instead of a crisis? Redundancy can often confront you with exciting options which you had never even considered, until they are presented to you. Does your redundancy pay-out give you the chance to take a break and experience a new country or culture? Or does it provide the opportunity to change direction completely and retrain or change career altogether?

Don’t be afraid to push beyond your boundaries. After all, the best things can often happen outside your comfort zone.

‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us’
Ralph Waldo Emerson