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We carry out bespoke research and talent insights; providing real-time information. 

We provide industry insights on trends and benchmarking surveys; salary & remuneration packages, market insights, competitor organisation studies, research for M&A opportunities and B2B market insight reports.

Decisions supported by research and insights can give our clients a strong competitive edge, enabling them to adapt more effectively to changing market conditions, drive efficiencies throughout their organisation and identify customer markets and competitor threats.

​We can carry out bespoke research or provide industry insights, trends and benchmarking surveys, in several ways:

Salary & Remuneration Benchmarking

How do a client’s remuneration structures compare with others in the market? (Whilst there is salary data available “off the shelf” it is often non-specific and therefore not focused enough to inform decision making.) Our methodologies are to talk to the people who know, to get the information that matters.

Market Insights

Staying ahead of the competition is key. Real-time sector and labour market insights can help shape, support and challenge an organisational strategy, minimise people risks and assist decision-making and business planning. In gathering this data, our specialist researchers maintain complete impartiality and interpret all data from a neutral, objective viewpoint.

Organisation Structure

We carry out competitor studies which focus on how competitors are structured and identify their key executives; typically, through a combination of online research and telephone investigation.

Research for M&A Opportunities

Many of our clients are regularly looking to grow through M&A; we can supply detailed and tailored reports to inform and support their decision-making processes. Typically, in addition to information on leadership, key people and organisational structures, this can include a review of products or services, customers and suppliers, management and employees, sales and distribution channels, locations and facilities, and also available financial reports and accounts and other commercial data.

Customer Market Research

In order to define their target market, startups need to identify who can derive benefit from their value proposition. We can carry out market segmentation research and identify and suggest target companies and their needs and wants.  These reports usually outline turnover, number of employees, contact details for the company and relevant decision makers.

This can help put together an action plan to enable clients both create superior value for their customers and, more importantly, also capture that value for themselves.

Competitor Analysis Research

Understanding your competitive landscape, knowing who your competitors are and what they are offering can help you differentiate your products, services and marketing. It enables you to better understand your key success factors, manage your pricing and respond to rival marketing campaigns.

You can use this knowledge to create commercial strategies that take advantage of your competitors’ weaknesses and improve your own business performance and also assess any threats posed by both new entrants to your market and new competitor offers.


We look forward to speaking with you and guarantee confidentiality in discussing your particular requirements.