The Appointed Group Resourcing Support Supporting Your Talent Needs



To support your HR and hiring teams, we can offer you additional resourcing support services, to help secure, assess potential and existing employees.  These services include: ability testing, interview support and exit interviews.

These services can either be provided by a qualified in-house assessor or by our trusted third-party partners for added impartiality.

TAG can assist businesses and staff in several ways:

Psychometric and Ability Testing

The benefit of psychometric testing is the insight provided into an individual’s motivation, leadership style and other criteria key to an executive leader of an organisation.

This is very useful at the latter interview stages for the selection of executives and senior managers. It is also used for a senior management team as part of their development.  Psychometric testing delves deeper than a simple aptitude test to provide insight into an individual’s knowledge, abilities, aptitudes, personality, intelligence and motivations.

Assessment and Interview Support

If you are running your recruitment activities in house, then we can provide support and guidance on how to attract the best candidates, how to assess them using a range of tools and a variety of interview techniques.

Exit Interviews

These often provide invaluable information for improving staff retention and helping identify and understand underlying causes of staff concerns; allowing businesses to adapt to prevent the cost of losing, rehiring and training talent.  TAG can undertake impartial exit interviews and provide constructive feedback, as well as ascertaining whether a counter offer may be acceptable, or indeed appropriate replacements.


We look forward to speaking with you and guarantee confidentiality in discussing your particular requirements.