Why Employer Branding Matters – Especially Now.

Does it make sense to consider employer branding in these uncertain times? Yes absolutely.  It is completely understandable that some companies may not prioritise this activity right now. Despite the weakest employment outlook in decades, the numbers of hires falling dramatically and the chances of talent leaving your company of their own accord, your Employer Brand is still very important.

We know that after the last recession of 2009, it took time for some companies to start recruiting again. Many had imposed hiring freezes and even when these were lifted, there was caution about making new staffing investments. This caution was also felt by candidates. They were reluctant to gamble with their careers by moving to a new employer and became increasingly more discerning about their next career step.

This meant that it was those companies with an employer brand who were the most successful in persuading the most talented executives to join them. Their recruitment processes were transparent and candidate-focused and they understood the importance of a candidate’s decision and the significance of a career move. They were able to demonstrate a real commitment to the individual, not just commercially but in terms of job role, career progression and development opportunities.

When potential candidates start to think about their next move, those companies with authentic, candidate-centric propositions are the winners. An offering of “this is the role, these are the terms, take it or leave it” will not be sufficient for candidates (and current employees) who will be looking for companies that can provide and have demonstrated: safety, flexibility, stability, consistency and longevity.

However, employer branding isn’t just about recruitment and retention; it is also about engagement. Whether companies will make it through this period, depends partially on the engagement of their employees, so anything that supports this is important now. Employer branding is one of those things.

A strong employer brand helps businesses compete for the best talent, establish credibility and engage the right people. It should connect with an organisation’s values and must run consistently through its approach to people management.